Texas Defendant Asks for Reconsideration in Murder Case; Court Rules that Evidence Supported His Conviction

In a recent case before a Texas court, the defendant appealed a jury’s unanimous decision that he was the shooter responsible for a 2020 drive-by shooting. According to the defendant, the evidence was legally insufficient to result in his guilty conviction. On appeal, the higher court considered the defendant’s argument but ultimately disagreed, affirming the original conviction and sentence. The case serves as a good example of one of the most common–but challenging–defenses in all of criminal law: insufficiency of the evidence.

Facts of the Case

The defendant’s case revolved around an August 2020 drive-by shooting that took place in Grand Prairie, Texas. A seventeen-year-old boy was killed while at a convenience store, and investigators discovered that the shots came from a driver-side window of a white SUV speeding by. The police department notified all local agencies to be on the lookout for the car, and an officer eventually stopped the SUV a few hours later.

The officer searched the SUV and found a nine-millimeter bullet, which matched the bullet casings found at the crime scene. After some additional investigation, the State charged the defendant (who was also the car’s driver) as the shooter. His case went to trial, and he was found guilty as charged. The defendant appealed.

The Court’s Decision and Analysis

On appeal, the defendant argued that the evidence was not legally sufficient to prove his guilt in the shooting. Under the United States Constitution, the prosecution must prove every element of a crime beyond a reasonabel doubt. Here, the defendant claimed that there was significant room to doubt whether he was the shooter or whether it was someone else entirely. He asked the higher court to review the trial record and find that the jury unfairly found him guilty.

Looking at the evidence, the court ultimately disagreed with the defendant and affirmed the lower court’s ruling. Several facts supported the jury’s finding: the defendant’s SUV matched the SUV driving by the convenience store; the defendant and his car were found near the crime scene; the bullet in the SUV matched the bullet casings from the shooting; and the defendant fit a witness’s description of the shooter.
With those facts established, the court confirmed that the evidence was legally sufficient to result in a conviction.

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