Texas Police Union Develops “Lawyer Up” App

CLEAT, the largest police union in Texas, has developed a new app to help law enforcement officers across Texas. Now what should be a standard feature in a police app? The traffic code? Yelp listings for breakfast nearby? A list of the most wanted criminals? The local unofficial ticket quota? The best way to “lose” video evidence?

How about the ability to quickly lawyer up after you shoot someone one? Because that’s what CLEAT put in their app.


 The app uses GPS technology to connect an officer with an on-call attorney after a critical incident. It’s free, easy to use — and it’s the only mobile phone app designed exclusively for law enforcement officers.

“No other law enforcement association has anything like this,” said CLEAT President Todd Harrison.

“This immediately provides legal representation for officers who have had to use force during a critical incident.”

 You know who needs this “lawyer up” app? The Dallas Police Department. DPD recently created a 72 hour waiting period before questioning an officer after a shooting so that officers would not get caught lying as much. 

On one hand, I’m glad that CLEAT  knows to never speak to the police without talking to a lawyer first. If you ever think it will “look bad” if yo don’t speak to the police or give a statement, guess what? Cops don’t even speak to the police when they are suspects, so why should you?

As much as I am for lawyering up if you are a suspect maybe, just maybe, we are shooting too many people, and/or not holding officers accountable for the illegal use of deadly force? Can we create an app for that? The app could list ways to resolves a situation besides say shooting a mentally ill person, or a dog, or a suspect who is running away from you.


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