Rockwall Municipal Court

As you should be aware Guest and Gray’s criminal defense team has an office in Rockwall now. We don’t handle a lot of ticket level offenses, but I spent an hour in the Rockwall Municipal Court this afternoon and thought I’d share the experience.

Where is the Rockwall Municipal Court?

Well, it’s no longer near downtown, and your GPS may not put in the right location unless you use the 2860 Williams Street Address instead of 2860 Highway 66.  Here’s

From downtown Rockwall take 66 East, you have to turn left on Fannin because of construction, but stay on 66 and drive past some churches until you are sure you’ve past it and then it appears on the left right after Rest Haven funeral home.

From I-30 take 549 north and then turn left on Williams/66 and it’s on the right. That’s the best way to go, just take 30.

I’m a lawyer, how is docket handled?

You check in the with the bailiff in the courtroom. He will hand you your file. Then you sign the attorney sign in sheet on the table the city attorney is sitting. Get there early or you could be sitting for a while. If you reach an agreement you take that in front of the judge, she signs it and the court clerk gives you a copy to take to you client.

I can’t make court and need a continuance, what do I do?

You have send in a motion for continuance and least 24 hours before hand. I’d call the court and let them know. Here is the court’s own motion for continuance you can use.

Rockwall Municipal Court Motion for Continuance

I have warrants or outstanding fines  and need a payment plan-

Here is the financial information form to request a payment plan.

Rockwall Municipal Court Financial Information form

How do I request discovery in my ticket case?

With this form!

Rockwall Municipal Discovery Records Request




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