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Pardon the generic title, but I need the internet to know that the Guest and Gray Rockwall Criminal Defense office is for business. Our firm been taking cases in Rockwall for years and we decided it would better serve our clients to open an office there.

If you are searching for a Rockwall criminal defense lawyer let me take this moment to introduce myself. I’m Robert Guest, Chief of the Criminal Defense Division. I’ve been blogging about criminal defense for a few years now. There is some great information available on the left, sorted by category. I’m a true believer member of the NORML legal committee. I think it’s insane and immoral that we arrest pot smokers, sellers, retailers, dealers etc. So if you are charged with a drug crime and want a lawyer who won’t judge you and thinks the drug war is a crime against humanity, consider our firm (and check out my War on Drugs posts).

I’ve been working criminal cases for a decade now. I prosecuted for 2 years, and my former blog was called “I Was The State”, which morphed into this blog. Being a former prosecutor has some advantages, but really it’s overrated. Clients like to know that you use to prosecute, but prosecuting doesn’t teach you anything about defending a case at trial, or investigating a case. It does offer some insight into criminal law, law enforcement, and it gives you a chance to watch some good defense lawyers try cases. Looking back on it, prosecuting was the easiest job I ever had as an attorney.

Why? Because in Texas the game is rigged so that the State should win, especially in DWI cases. That’s one reason we convict so many innocent people. It’s not easy being a defense lawyer in Texas.

Speaking of defense lawyers, I used to be a solo defense lawyer. For years, I was Guest Law Firm PC, but I was the only lawyer. I can tell you without a doubt that it is to your advantage to hire a criminal defense firm over a solo attorney. Our Rockwall criminal defense team has 3 lawyers and an experienced staff of legal assistants. There is no case is too big for our defense team. All of our criminal defense lawyers are former prosecutors, and all of us have felony trial experience. We have worked every type of case from seat belt violations to murder. All 3 of us have different ideas and we meet biweekly as a team to discuss all active cases. That’s to your advantage, we don’t miss any angles, and we have the resources to take on any challenge.

We have had clients hire our firm after hiring a solo attorney, and often the case was too big for the solo and not much was done. There was just too much work to do and a busy solo lawyer couldn’t dedicate the time it took to understand the issues, work the facts, or do much more than relay plea offers to the clients.

So if you need a Rockwall defense lawyer call Guest and Gray. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have a Rockwall DWI check out this page.

If you have a Rockwall Marijuana case, here is some information for you.

And here’s the address and phone number.

104 W. Kaufman
Suite C
Rockwall, Texas 75087
Phone: (972) 722-7567

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