Post Craig Watkins Ergo Propter Craig Watkins

Texan of the Year and Dallas DA Craig Watkins came into office on 1/1/07 on a Democratic tidal wave. Beyond the DA’s office longtime GOP criminal court judges have been replaced with Democrats. Much hang wringing among the GOP law and order crowd ensued. What happens when liberal commie criminal loving Democrats take over the criminal justice system?

In Dallas at least, crime went down 10%.

From DMN-

After a stumbling start in 2008, crime in Dallas fell 10 percent from the year before, according to figures released Monday by police.

And only moments after announcing the good news, Chief David Kunkle, a marathon runner in his off time, set an equally ambitious pace for the coming year.

“Every year we have to work really hard,” he said. “We believe that we can see another 10 percent reduction in crime” in 2009.

Among the highlights from 2008 were a nearly 20 percent drop in aggravated assaults and a 15 percent decline in murders. The overall decline beat a goal of 8 percent set by the City Council.

Correlation fallacies aside, if the number had went the other way I’m sure a few DMN commenters or local bloggers would have noticed.

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