Penn and Teller, Austin Police Chief, Netroot Nation, Inter Alia

Well my trial ended so now I’ve got some time to blog. Here is roundup of sorts I was working on last week.

Want to be on Penn and Teller Bullshit?
I got a call from a producer with Penn and Teller looking for an interview on sexting. I wrote a general post on the laws in Texas but BS is looking for an attorney or defendant who have been involved in a sexting case. Particulary for defendants who have had their lives ruined by overzealous puritanical prosecutors. BS will be in Dallas in February to film. Email me if you are interested.

Austin Police Chief Calls
Got a call from Austin Police Chief Acevedo today. Art wanted to know if I wrote some article about him on the Ellis County Observer. I informed Art that I did not in fact pen this article, but I did write this piece on his warrantless electricity snooping program.

Netroots Nation
Finally, I’m working on a panel for Netroots Nation. The topic? Guess. I’ve got a speaker from LEAP and NORML lined up, should be fun. If you want to speak to a room full of uber liberal activists about the end of the drug war let me know. Did I mention it’s in Vegas?

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