Monday Musings

Dallas Needs…. Another Criminal Defense Lawyer!
I’m looking for some office space in Dallas. I’m not closing my Kaufman practice/office. I am looking to expand into the Dallas market. If you have any space/ideas etc- shoot me an email.

Opportunity Costs and Dan
Here is a great comment about the TABC/DPD strip club investigations. Every police resources wasted at strip clubs is not being to used to stop real criminals. Dan comments that he would rather the police prevent the break in of his car than get wasted staring at boobs. Opportunity costs are real, just ask Dan.

Deadly Underground Poker Games
Poker is illegal in many parts of the country. When demand meets poker Prohibition you get… illegal “underground poker.” ABCnews has a story on how criminals target underground poker rooms for robbery. Recently, one of these robbers shot and killed a poker playing college professor.

The Dallas Police crackdown on poker is also mentioned. From the story-

Dan Michalski of the Web site, who said he has played in dozens of
underground games, said the number of illicit games in Dallas had shrunk from
about 200 a few years ago to about 20 today after a series of police raids and

Police raids and robberies. Criminals and cops. When you criminalize consensual behavior you get more of both. Poker must be legalized. Only a fool or a tyrant would arrest adults for playing cards.

I’ve been to Las Vegas and Shreveport. Millions of dollars are wagered legally and safely in casinos everyday. Only Prohibition makes gambling a deadly/criminal enterprise.

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