Mexico- Prohibition in Paradise

Gustav Update- It seems the Hurricane has passed by. We had some spotty yet intense showers. However, the brunt of the storm is still well east of Quintana Roo.

Drug War Terror in Mexico
11 decapitated bodies were discovered in Meridia. It seems to be the work of the Zetas, one of the largest drug cartels in Mexico.

There were some demonstrations against the violence in Mexico City. The newspapers and cable news outlets have provided much coverage of the tragedy and aftermath. However, the news media constantly fails to mention that American drug policy fuels this violence.

Insatiable American demand combined with Prohibition will always lead to violent organized crime. By making drugs illegal we have not eliminated demand, we have only chosen Mexican drug cartels as our nation’s supplier. The perpetual violence and corruption in Mexico are an embarrassing testament to the hubris of our federal government.

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