Marijuana Prohibition- Progress and Prosecution

Rep. Barney Frank proposed ending federal criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The Personal Use Act may not have a chance to pass this time, however the tides are turning against our failed drug war.

For proof the public is catching on read the comments to the CNN story. Despite years of hystrionics (smoking pot is just like Russian Roullette!) and tax payer funded garbage propaganda Americans are rejecting prohibition louder than ever before. There is simply no logical intelligent support for arresting Americans who use cannabis.

For some perspective closer to home check out these comments on legalization
the Dallas Morning News
– the Ellis County Press.

Which sound represents your views? Do you still believe the federal government should arrest marijuana consumers? How about medical marijuana providers?

Reason.TV- The Charlie Lynch Tragedy

For supporters of federal prosecution watch this video by Drew Carey and Reason.TV.

Mr. Lynch runs a medical marijuana dispensary in California. Mr. Lynch has broken no state laws. He provides doctor prescribed medical marijuana. Still your federal government has decided to send Mr. Lynch to prison. The trial is on going and the judge is not allowing important jury nullification evidence, denying Mr. Lynch a fair trial.

One of the arguments used by the DEA et al, is that marijuana isn’t medicine.

Maybe they should look at this US patent for medical marijuana. The holder of patent 663030507? Your federal government.

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