Lessons from the Pot Smuggling Police Chief

Everyone is presumed innocent even cops accused of smuggling weed. But ask yourself this, where do drug dealers get the money to bribe law enforcement? Why would a cop risk his career and freedom to help them? The answer- pot prohibition profit$.

I’m amazed at how many Texans believe the negative externalities of prohibition (corruption, inter alia) are somehow caused by the drugs, or the people selling them.

When we choose to make pot illegal, we choose the corruption of our police officers. Think about it. Drug cartels have a billion dollar monopoly on the Texas cannabis market. What’s easier than thinking up schemes to avoid getting caught and sending mules out who could get caught and lose their precious cargo?

Bribing law enforcement. Cops are a good investment for drug cartels.

DALLAS (AP) — The police chief of a small Texas town near the Mexican border faces federal charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and possession of marijuana.

The indictment unsealed Thursday charges Sullivan City Police Chief Hernan Guerra with one count of conspiracy to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms and four counts of possession with intent to distribute between 100 kilograms and 1,000 kilograms of marijuana. Guerra’s attorney did not immediately return a message left by The Associated Press.

Guerra was arrested as part of a Justice Department probe called Project Deliverance, a 22-month investigation targeting Mexican drug trafficking organizations in the United States. More than 2,000 people were arrested, including 400 on Wednesday, when FBI agents raided Guerra’s office.

He has been the police chief of the tiny community since 2004.

More and more Texans are starting to get it. Here’s a group of concerned Texas parents calling for the regulation of the marijuana market to protect their children from drug dealers. They get it. Prohibition is the problem. We made a policy mistake and it’s time to fix it. Or we can keep arresting cops corrupted by cartel cash. The choice is ours.

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