Kaufman County DWI Lawyer

Yes, that is an SEO friendly title and I know the blog world looks down on self promotion, but I can’t help it. I’m proud of this accomplishment and I’m going to toot my own horn for a bit.

If you want something substantive on criminal justice try this excellent Grits post about hatchet man John Bradley’s cover up work on the Forensic Science Commission.

Not guilty, ya’ll got to feel me
Since 1/1/09 I’ve had 4 DWI trials in Kaufman county. The breakdown-two bench trials, two jury trials, two without a breath test, two with a breath sample (both over .15), two in CC2, two in County Court at law. The cases varied factually but united in outcome- not guilty. Four acquittals with one directed verdict.

What makes this streak noteworthy is the talent at the Kaufman DAs office. Simply put, these prosecutors prosecute very well.

Kaufman misdemeanor prosecutors had an 80% jury trial conviction rate in 2008-2009. 4 out of 5 times the State left a misdemeanor jury trial with a conviction. To compare- the 2009 Yankees only won 63% of their games, the 2009 Lakers won 79% of the time. These are the Globetrotters, not the Generals.

No logistical wins
I didn’t win any of these cases because the cop didn’t show up, or the breath test guy couldn’t be there. In each case the State had their witnesses show up and testify that they thought my client was DWI.

Why write about this?
Why not? I want google to know that I’ve been doing some good work for my clients. This may come across as scoreboarding, but if the sign of a good DA is conviction rates, then my DWI acquittal rate is noteworthy.

Is that all?
In the interest of full disclosure I did have two non DWI trials in the last year in which my client was convicted. I’m not ashamed to admit that. Part of being a trial lawyer is having things go to the other way. Streaks and stats don’t always tell the whole story as each case is statistically independent in a gambler’s fallacy sort of way. That’s another of saying I’m not “due” to lose, but past results do not guarantee future performance.

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