Kaufman County District Attorney- Case Statistics

Some interesting stats from the Kaufman DA’s office.

Total Pending Cases- Filed from 1/1/2004 – 9/26/2008 6,458
Total Disposed Cases- Filed from 1/1/2004 – 9/26/2008 11,871
Total Cases from 1/1/2004 – 9/26/2008 18,329
In the past 4 years 18,000 cases have been filed by the Kaufman DA. That seems like a lot for a county over just over 100,000 residents- over 100 cases a week. It didn’t feel like that many cases when I prosecuted there. Of course with 10 prosecutors that is only about 10 cases to file per week per attorney. So, maybe I didn’t realize how many cases were coming in.

Usually I would pull out the number of marijuana cases filed and rant against the waste of resources. But I don’t have those numbers.

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