Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Have you been arrested in Kaufman County? Did the Forney Police pull you over and find your weed stash? Has an investigator with the Terrell Police Department called to speak with you?

If so, you need a criminal defense lawyer, and you should call Guest and Gray. Guest and Gray is based in Forney, Texas. We are the only local law firm with a team of defense lawyers to assist you. We have 4 defense lawyers, including three former felony prosecutors. We take the toughest cases and get the best results.

The criminal defense team is lead by Robert Guest, former Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutor for Kaufman County, and former Kaufman County Bar President. We also have Jose Noriega, former Dallas Assistant District Attorney. Jose speaks Spanish and has years of trial and plea negotiation experience. Jerry Tidwell is a former Collin County felony prosecutor, and probably has the most felony trial experience at the firm. Candice Hughes used to work for the Rockwall County District Attorney, and now handles many of our family violence cases.

You need a team of lawyers on your side. Most local defense lawyers work alone. They are solo practitioners and have no other lawyers to assist them. If your lawyer gets sick, or has a trial, or takes a vacation, there is no to help you if an emergency arises. That never happens at Guest and Gray. We can deliver the highest level of customer service because we have a team in place to assist you. If your lawyer is sick we have three more ready to go to court. If you have a complicated case and your future is at stake we work together to get the best result. Some cases are too big for a solo lawyer. We had a jury trial recently with 11,000 pages of records as part of our defense. No solo lawyer could pull that off. It’s just too much work.

If you are charged with a crime in Kaufman County. If you have been arrested in Forney, Terrell, Crandall, or Kemp. Call Guest and Gray and let us fight for you.

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