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RobertGuest.com has been redeveloped and is now the home of Guest and Gray Criminal Defense Lawyers. Justia did a great job with the design and I have to say they have again exceeded my expectations. I’ve already reviewed Justa once, here is the short version: they aren’t cheap, but they are worth it. I’m keeping the same url, robertguest.com on the advice of Justia. I was going to switch to GuestandGrayCriminalDefense.com, but apparently it would have offended the Google gods.

Besides the aesthetics of the website what’s different?
For the first six years of my criminal defense practice I was solo. I’ve already discussed the challenges of a solo attorney so let’s talk about my partner in crime… er criminal defense… drumroll………… TRACY GRAY!

Tracy Gray
Tracy Gray has been with Guest and Gray from the beginning practicing family and criminal law. Recently, Tracy has transitioned out of civil cases and is now ready to help with all your criminal defense needs. Guest and Gray is the only private law firm in the county with two full time criminal defense lawyers (the public defender has 3).

Tracy prosecuted with me along long time ago for in the Kaufman County District Attorney’s Office. I was at her initial interview and she confident for a new attorney. My boss was so impressed with Tracy he made the decision to hire her immediately.

Tracy prosecuted misdemeanors for a few years, rising to the Chief Misdemeanor position before she was promoted to the 86th District Court. Tracy has seen more felony trials than anyone in my office, myself included.

Tracy is amazing at juvenile cases and also has a lot of experience with protective orders. Juvie is a sticky wicket, a strange blend of criminal and civil law that has many traps for the unweary. Tracy navigates this potential legal minefield with ease. She enjoys helping young adults and their families and gets excellent results for her clients.

Tracy and I work as a team to get the best result for our clients. We meet weekly to discuss our criminal cases and appear in court for each other. It helps our clients that we have different skill sets that compliment each other.

Tracy is a great story teller. She can find the theme or narrative in a case better than any lawyer I know. Tracy is also a very patient attorney and really takes the time to understand our clients and their needs. She is passionate about causes as well as cases. She has a low tolerance for injustice and she brings the wisdom of years of criminal law experience to each case. I am lucky to work with her.

Criminal Defense and Firms
Most defense lawyers are solo. I was solo, many of my favorite defense lawyers are solo. Being solo is great, but there is a real benefit to having two sets of eyes on each video. Two people at the same interview. Two people at trial who have known the case from the beginning. Some clients have anxiety when the initially see a new lawyer on their case. Clients are always attached to the lawyer they initially interview with and understandably so. The URL will stay the same, RobertGuest.com, but the approach is different.

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