Kaufman County Criminal Court Records

For the longest time I’ve been using KaufmanCountyClerk.com to search for case information. You click on “court public record search” and get directed here.

As long as I’ve been in Kaufman the KCC site has been a reliable cornucopia of case information. Recently something strange has happened to the search site and now it’s mostly FUBAR. New cases don’t appear, old cases have entries deleted, it’s a mess. I’m not sure what’s going on, and I don’t have time to investigate.

Fortunately, Kaufman County has another online database for case information available through KaufmanCounty.net. Click on Court Records and you are sent here.
Who says redundancy is government is a bad thing?

These sites look almost exactly the same, but only one works. So if you are wondering why your new DWI case isn’t online, or you old divorce case disappeared you are on the wrong site.

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