Kaufman County Bar Meeting

The Kaufman County Bar met for lunch today at the courthouse. We have a great group of local attorneys. It is a pleasure to work with them. I need to attend more local bar meetings. I end up forgetting too often.

Today we watched a video on lawyers and depression. I can understand why lawyers would get depressed. The practice of law can be very stressful.

Think of the worst thing someone could do to you. Take away your kids or take away your freedom. My job is to take your worst problems, and make them my problems.

Stress also comes from the lack of control we have over final decisions. My contract for services states that no outcome is guaranteed. The reason is that I never know what a judge or jury is going to do.

Finally law is a business. Bills need to be collected and paid. Clients need and deserve prompt attention. The government has never ending demands for money. All of this can add up to stress and depression for attorneys.

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