Kaufman County Bar Gets Libertarian President

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank outgoing Kaufman County Bar President Keena Greyling for her service as Commander in Chief. Three years ago our local bar was a cluster of epic proportions.

Now, thanks to the hard work of our past two presidents we’ve got a thriving local bar association. Keena has been an outstanding Chief Executive and her dedication and hard work will be missed.

President’s Greyling’s resignation has left the current VP, me, as the new P. This is a historical moment as I’m pretty sure this is the highest office a Libertarian has ever held in Kaufman County. (Ok, these are non partisan elections, but still, we Libertarians need all the victories we can get).

What’s my small government personal liberty agenda for the Kaufman Bar? Here is my radical hope and change agenda.
1. Have a monthly CLE meetings with lunch provided.
2. Have an awesome Christmas Party.
3. Clean up the gulf oil spill.

1 and 2 seem pretty easy, 3 may not get done during my administration.

In other bar news; there is no meeting in July. It’s too damn hot to think, much less have CLE. I’m speaking in August, probably about open records. Also in August we are going to discuss upgrading the law library WiFi so that it penetrates the bomb shelter thick walls of County Court at Law.

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