Kaufman Bar Meeting- 9/15

The Kaufman County Bar will have it’s next meeting on 9/15 in the law library. Chris Souza will present one CLE hour worth of criminal appellate updates. We also have some bar business to discuss. Here are the agenda items-
1. Xmas party. Tracy Booker and Houston Smith are on the committee, we can always use more volunteers.
2. Philanthropy- The last two years have been mostly about getting the bar back to basics with monthly CLE meetings. It’s time to take off the training wheels and discuss a project to give back to the community.
3. Shreveport CLE- October 14-15 there is a CLE in Shreveport.
4. November is officer elections. I’ve been VP for 18 months, and now P. I’m a firm believer in term limits. Ergo, it’s time for new leadership and new ideas. I don’t want to be the FDR of the bar association. Anyone want to run?

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