Just Another Manic Friday

For the first time in my legal career I completed a county courthouse trifecta. I made an appearance in 3 different county courthouses in one day. This made me wonder what the record is for most county courthouses visited in a day? It can’t be more than 4. All this travel has sapped my blogging energy. Instead of talking about the crazed Dallas ER cop or Sharon Keller, I’ll offer a travelogue.

Collin County
Friday morning, I had a plea in Collin County. I live in Ennis (home of Polka Fest) which is about 65 miles away. Fog and speed traps slowed traffic on I-45. Traffic actual improved once I hit 75. I lamented over the suburban sprawl big box strip mall sameness that is southern Collin County and arrived in McKinney at 9:15.

I entered the courtroom and approached the ADA to discuss the plea deal we had worked out and….. the file wasn’t in the courtroom. The ADA quickly dispatched an assistant to recover said file so we could finalize justice in this case.

“Are you an attorney?”

While waiting patiently in the courtroom the young man next to me inquired into my vocation. “Are you an attorney?”
I know that some lawyers dread the AYAA line. Personally, I don’t mind helping pro se defendants avoid making horrible life altering decisions. My usual advise is- go hire a defense attorney (or ask for court appointed counsel), don’t tell the ADA anything about your case, and don’t accept a plea bargain without counsel.

After affirming that I was indeed a defense lawyer this defendant asked “Do you handle marijuana cases?” This had some personal comedic value. I skipped the opportunity to explain my marijuana defense credentials or direct this defendant to my numerous blog posts on the subject. Instead, I answered succinctly in the affirmative.

This defendant had been denied court appointed counsel and wanted to present two defenses to the ADA, an equity/de minimus argument and actual innocence. I explained that the Collin County DA has a less than progressive view towards pot cases. By that time my file had been retrieved so I told this defendant to call Hunter Biederman.

My plea was quickly finalized and I was on my way to Dallas.

I arrived in Dallas at 11:00. I needed to pass a case, visit with an ADA on another case, and fix an earlier judgment that contained an error. This was largely uneventful.

To maximize my efforts I used the escalators. I usually employ the stairs at the Crowley center in an attempt to work some semblance of exercise into my daily routine. If you ever see me ordering a DWI video or visiting the special crimes unit (both are on the 11th floor) and I appear near cardiac arrest, this is why.

Sushi Sapporro Closed?
Around noon I emerged victorious ready to eat lunch at my favorite sushi lunch buffet, Sushi Sapporro on Oak Lawn. To my great shock and disappointment there was a sign on the door that the restaurant had violated their lease terms and was closed. Lunch fail.

Finally, I had to go to Kaufman to visit the DA on an upcoming DWI suppression (this should be an obstruction) and pick up some documents from the district clerk. Finally, I returned to my office, answered a dozen or so emails, returned some phone calls, and met with a potential client, who became an actual client.

My day was finished and I actually left work early, around 4:30 pm.

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