I Was I Was The State. On DCDLB

It has come to my attention that some readers are not completely in love with the new name of IWTS. I Was The State was easier to remember and the initials IWTS look a lot better than DCDLB. However, I am working on the advise of the Justia experts and I hope these changes will lead me to larger audience.

I own IWasTheState.com and it shall continue to redirect here for the foreseeable future. I suggest adding this site to your favorites (or RSS reader) to avoid a misspelling.

I also realize the grammar/spelling/English has gone down since the move. Movable Type is a harder platform to edit. Blogger was much easier.

Finally, as Simple Justice kindly pointed out, this is not DallasCriminalDefenseLawyer.blogspot.com. I write all my own material.

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