Happy Holidays From DPS

From the Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN — All available Texas troopers will be on patrol over the holidays at a time when drinking and driving usually go up.

The Department of Public Safety on Monday said troopers also will concentrate on speeders and seat belt violators.

DPS says increased enforcement will be in effect Wednesday through Sunday, covering the Christmas period, and then Dec. 31 and New Year’s Day.

Troopers during the same periods one year ago issued about 28,000 citations and 14,000 warnings. Most of the tickets were for speeding, approximately 19,600, while nearly 3,400 tickets were for seat belt violations. DPS troopers also made 919 arrests for driving while intoxicated.

The Department of Public Safety has a problem. How can they sell a statewide motorist harassment initiative slated for Xmas? How does tyranny always sell itself to the public? Fear.

DPS is conducting a statewide crackdown on speeders and seat belt violators. Instead of being honest about their goals (taxation/government revenue) they toss out the drunk driving boogeyman to stifle dissent. DPS’ message to the public- you want us to ticket you for speeding, otherwise the drunk drivers win.

Drunk driving enforcement is lipstick on this traffic taxation pig. The comment section shows that DMN readers seem to have caught on to the scam.

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