Happy Easter- Morality, Hypocrisy, and Law

The Post I Wanted To Write

After reading A Mockery of Justice by Stephen Gustistis I wanted to write an Easter inspired post about Jesus, Law, hypocrisy and a libertarian view of morality. However, I am in Ohio visiting family. So, here is the rough draft/outline-
Jesus had a list of grievances against the Pharisees, one of which was hypocrisy.

Where to begin? John McCain supports the drug war and opposes medical marijuana, yet his wife is an ex addict. I would have also mentioned the Governor of New York, and the Senator from Louisiana.

Libertarian Morality-
I would have finished by pointing out that simply obeying all the laws of the State of Texas (or the federal government) does not make a person good or moral. Here is a great quote.

If a person is forced by violence or the threat thereof to perform a certain action, then it can no longer be a moral choice on his part. The morality of an action can stem only from its being freely adopted; an action can scarcely be called moral if someone is compelled to perform it at gunpoint.

Happy Easter!

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