Happy 4th! Some Reading Material

I’ll be celebrating the 4th and not blogging tommorow.. However, the web is full of great writing to keep you entertained and informed. Here are some items to check out between hot dogs, fireworks, and JP Souza music.

Happy Birthday DEA
A great article by Russ Bellvile that celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Quoting Russ-

So the DEA turns thirty-five this week. That deserves a special celebration. Let’s bust out our handy-dandy calculator and the official government stats. Time to play Rate the DEA!

Today the DEA has twice the offices in twice the countries with four times the manpower than when it started thirty-five years ago. In 1973, the DEA had $0.075 billion to work with; today you have $2.3 billion. That’s an increase of 3,067%, or a dramatic thirty-fold increase. Just what have the American People received for this $31.4 billion dollar, thirty-five year investment?

Read the rest to see how the DEA rates (spoiler alert- they have failed miserably).

Intoxilyzer 5000 series
by College Station Criminal Attorney Steven Gustitis
Steven does a great job breaking down the science and technology behind this machine. A great read for the lawyer and lay person alike. If you drink, and own a vehicle, you must read this series. This machine will be a chief witness against you and you have no right to counsel before taking a breath test.

Tickets or Traffic Tax?

The Star Telegram published my post on the tragic death of an incarcerated traffic ticket defendant. The comments section has some healthy debate on traffic tickets, public safety, and the right to counsel.


Cato has a great piece on the current Supreme Court Justices. Sadly, there is not one justice who upholds individual liberty for it’s own sake. Not suprisingly conservative or liberal ideology motivate decisions as to what your rights are.

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