Happy 4/20!

Today is April 20th, the annual day of marijuana celebration around the country. To the hundreds of thousands of Texas cannabis consumers, know that as a member of the NORML legal committee I am working tirelessly to a) defend you if you get caught and b) reform our state’s hopelessly inane and morally repugnant marijuana laws (until b happens, try really hard not to get caught).

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. As a former prosecutor/defense lawyer I have seen first how we destroy people by putting them into the criminal “justice” system for possessing a plant. The effects are most devastating to our nation’s young adults who end with criminal records that often last a lifetime.

Many DA’s offices, realizing how idiotic our state’s cannabis laws are, now offer pre trial diversion (or memo agreement) programs to help these defendants avoid a lifelong conviction. On the end of the rationality and deceny spectrum Williamson county uses their CPS goons to kidnap the children of cannabis advocates for teaching their children “not to trust the government”.

Let’s change our laws to reflect the reality that marijuana cases a waste of time for all involved. The police have better things to do, most prosecutors don’t give a shit about these cases, and during a recession taxpayers can probably find a better use for their tax dollars than on court appointed counsel on ding-dong joint in the console cases. There are better ways to regulate cannabis use than prohibition.

Off the soapbox, now for some links to help you celebrate National Weed Day.

NORML is offering a FREE download of the excellent book “Marijuana is Safer” today only. If you are a cannabis consumer or liberty loving American you have no excuse for not joining NORML. For a $100 donation you get a hemp backpack designed by my travel hero Rick Steves.

Norm Stamper pens a column on the Huffington Post reminding our nation’s stoners that this is still a democracy and if you want change you need to put down the joint, and pick up a pen to contact your rep.

DFW Norml is a having a celebration in Arlington on Saturday to gear up for their freedom march on May 1st.

Here is everything ever penned by yours truly on the subject.

Ron Paul suggests legalizing marijuana
at the federal level as the first step in ending the larger War on Drugs.

Finally, here is a video from Reason on Oaksterdam in California.

Happy 4/20!

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