Shoplifting Cases in Forney

Most of the local shoplifting cases seem to happen at the Forney Wal Mart. This isn’t really surprising. Wal-Mart has a history of attracting crime and even overwhelming local law enforcement. 

Let’s consider a basic shoplifting charge, what happens? Loss prevention will apprehend a suspected thief, and wait for the local police to show up and either make an arrest or issue a citation. A person charged with shoplifting can expect a civil demand letter from corporate asking them to pay damages. Most people pay when they get the letter, that’s the point, but the ability of a super store to collect on them is spurious at best. A person charged with shoplifting may also get a criminal trespass notice, banning them from the store.

Shoplifting charges increase in degree depending on the total costs of the items taken.
– Under $100 is a Class C Misdemeanor, kind of like a traffic ticket
-$100-$750 is a Class B Misdemeanor, like a pot possession case

If you shoplift more than $2500 it’s a felony, but that’s pretty rare. If you are facing a shoplifting charge in Kaufman County or Forney, call our office and let talk about your options. We understand that you are embarrassed and want this to off your record. That’s always the goal. We also understand that most people are scared to death of going back to jail, that’s extremely rare for our clients. We’ve got a team of lawyers who can help walk you through the process.




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