Forney Criminal Defense Lawyers

You or a loved one have been arrested in Forney and you are searching for “best criminal defense lawyer in Forney” or “lawyers near me” (we see that a lot in our analytics). It’s great that you found Guest and Gray Law Firm! We are Forney’s largest and highest rated criminal defense team. We also offer free consultations to go over your options.

What sets us apart? That’s a great question, and you should ask any defense lawyer you meet with what makes them the best for your case.

First off we have a team of defense lawyers to help you. I am Robert Guest, Chief of the Criminal Division. I’m a former Kaufman County prosecutor. We also have defense lawyers who have worked at the Rockwall, Dallas, and Collin County District Attorneys office.

Most defense lawyers in Forney and Kaufman County work alone. I used to be a solo defense lawyer myself. There are some amazing defense lawyers who are solo, but the advantages of having multiples lawyers are something you should consider. First of all, no case is too big for our firm. For example, we have a case set for trial right now that has 10,000 pages of medical records. If you have a solo attorney, they may NEVER have enough time to work through that much material. We got it done and are ready to fight for our client.

In criminal defense, it’s a matter of having enough litigation resources and leveraging experience to get the best result. Speaking of experience, we have over 50 years of combined defense/prosecutor experience. That’s half a century of kicking ass in criminal court. You can learn a lot of lessons in 50 years, and together we share those ideas to help you in Kaufman County. As a group we have literally prosecuted and defended THOUSANDS of criminal cases.

You can’t outwork or outlast a team of lawyers. As a solo attorney, I had a limited amount of time each week to dedicate to all of my cases. If I was in a jury trial all week, or got sick, or went on vacation, no one could assist my other clients. That won’t happen at Guest and Gray. If your lawyer is not available we have multiple lawyers and assistants who can still help you.

We have lawyers and staff who speak Spanish as well, so if there is a witness in your case who doesn’t speak English, it’s not a problem for our team.

Finally, we are based in Forney, and we are the largest firm in Forney. Guest and Gray is the highest rated local firm for a reason, we take care of our clients and deliver amazing results in criminal defense cases. We take on the toughest cases, and we fight for our clients.

We work for you and you tell us what your goals are. When asked most clients say dismissal is their goal, and that’s a great goal to have! However, not every case will be dismissed and we have the experience to tell you upfront what the odds are. Some clients want a trial no matter what, some just really want to avoid jail time, some clients can’t have certain convictions because of their job or license. We want to make sure you end the case in a position to move forward with your life.


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