Evil NAFTA- Let’s import pot prisoners

You know what America needs, more people in jail on federal drug charges. Why limit the tyranny of cannabis prohibition to Americans? Let’s spread Nixon’s WOD all over the continent and import Canadians for incarceration! Hope and Change!

Our latest political prisoner in the war on weed is Marc Emery. Marc is a marijuana activist/cannabis seed distributor in Canada. Marc sells marijuana seeds and the Canadian government happily taxes the profits. Marc is the founder of the British Columbia Marijuana Party and a leader in the movement towards cannabis sanity in the Great White North. Marc was recently arrested in Canada, and is awating deportation to America to face a 5 year sentence on federal drug charges.

Marc is being prosecuted for sending cannabis seeds through the US mail. A google search will show you that there are a few dozen operations offering a similar service. Consensual crime enforcement is nothing if not arbitrary and capricious. When millions are breaking the law the government can pick and choose whom to prosecute. While Marc was arrested for conspiracy to distribute his real crime was being an advocate for cannabis reform. Nothing pisses of the DEA mutawas like political dissent.

Think your federal government is above using the criminal justice system to destroy free speecht? This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.

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