Drug Free America Poll- Drug Use Is Victimless Crime

The Drug Free America Foundation is a non profit group that advocates for the War on Drugs. I actually support this group financially because they are a recipient of large annual grants from the federal government. It’s not bad enough the feds arrest and incarcerate millions of Americans, they also waste tax dollars on redundant propaganda.

Survey Says- Drug Use Is Victimless
DFAF has an online survey on drug use. Here are the results
Question: Drug use is a victimless crime.

Agree. It only hurts the user.: 22.6%
Disagree. Individual drug use affects society.: 6.2%
Somewhat disagree. It may affect those closest to the user, but not society.: 8.1%
Strongly agree. What a user chooses to do themselves is no one’s business.: 43.1%
Strongly disagree. A drug user endangers every person they come in contact with.: 20.0%
860 individuals have responded to poll.

It is wonderful to see that 2/3 of all readers agree that drug use is a victimless crime. Let’s explore those who got the answer wrong.

6.2% chose Disagree- affects society. I guess this depends on your definition of society. However, by defining society so broadly there is really no activity that is victimless.”

20% chose Strongly Disagree- A drug user endangers every person they come in contact with.

I guess 20% of the readers are 2nd graders who just finished a DARE class, or DFAF employees. A person smoking a joint is not a land mine. I would suggest those who chose this answer spend some time with a Medical Marijuana patient, or Willie Nelson. SWAT teamsnot drug users, endanger every person they come in contact with.

This poll is not scientific. But it shows that the anti-Prohibition message is getting out. Prohibition is a national disgrace. Take the time to vote and show the DFAF how you feel about their War on Drugs.

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