DPS tracks your prescription information

The most frightening Texas law enforcement story of the day comes from CBS in Dallas. It appears that DPS has an online database that stores your prescription information. DPS has been hacked in the past, one can assume it’s only a matter of time before this database is also breached. Maybe we can finally get the answer to what caused this.

This wholesale invasion of privacy is, of course, another tentacle of our failed drug war, specifically the scourge of “doctor shopping” that keeps up the Prohibitionist busybodies at night. To prevent a few addicts from getting pills, we now have allowed the government to monitor everyone’s medical history, forever. It’s the usual “everyone is guilty until proven innocent attitude” we see with alarmingly regularity these days. On the list of dangers that keep me up at night, the fact that my neighbor might be doctor shopping is pretty damn low. Certainly not high enough that I want DPS in the room with me and my doctor.

Remember, next time you tell your doctor that you are in pain, or suffering from depression or anxiety, this information can and will be used against you.

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