DIY DWI Press Release Kit

Have you ever wanted unleash your own police state DWI propaganda campaign? Now you can!

Here are some press release “toolkits” from These toolkits contain ready made press releases for all kinds of fun events including-
Sobriety Checkpoints
High Profile Arrests
Ignition Interlock Devices
Enhanced Enforcement

These press releases even come with ready made quotes from law enforcement.

Here is an example-“The law does not discriminate,” said [Law Enforcement Official]. “Whether you are a high profile citizen or an average Joe, if you are caught committing a crime you will be held responsible for the legal consequences of your actions.”
The press releases are pretty formulaic. Here is the recipe for Neo Prohibitionist propaganda.

1. Talk about death and fatalities. You don’t want people to die on the road, do you?
2. Tell drivers they WILL get arrested. It’s not true, but its sounds scary.
3. Throw in tough sounding ready made quote from law enforcement.
4. Ignore the fact that innocent drivers will be detained and arrested, that cops often let fellow cops go for DWI, and that the .08 BAC level does not save lives.

That’s it. Now you are ready to justify your own Neo Prohibitionist Police State Crackdown on the Bill of Rights, er… drunk driving.


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