Dell Fail

I got my new shiny Dell Vostro 220 in yesterday. For some reason I can’t resist putting a new machine together right away. Originally, I had decided to wait until after work to start this project, but I got back early from lunch and I could not resist. I had to get this up and running, my inner techno geek wanted a new toy to play with. So I rip open the box and quickly assemble my Vostro. No problems, it boots, I’m happy.

The plan was to use PC mover to transfer the data from old computer to the new machine. Simple right? I installed PC mover on the old PC. Then I put the PC mover CD into the new computer and F A I L.

My new computer doesn’t know it has a CD/DVD drive (optical drive). That is, the CD drive opens and closes, you can put a disc in and eject, but the PC doesn’t know it’s there.

Given what I know about Windows I try the usual fixes, check control panel, my computer, and restart the damn thing. No dice.

So, I get online and have a chat with tech support. After 3 hours with four different tech support helpers (I had to reboot a half dozen times which lost my connection) I am instructed to dismantle my PC and physically remove the optical drive. Really?

You send me a new computer, it breaks, and I am supposed to perform PC surgery in my office, at 7PM. Who does that to their customers? I wouldn’t make my clients do their own voir dire. I balk at this idea and take this to the next level. I call customer support.

Customer support is more response, they review the pages of chat log and come to a startling conclusion- the CD player is broken and should be replaced. No shit Sherlock. Allegedly, a Dell technician is on his way to my office today.

I wasted my entire afternoon on this disaster. My office looks like Johnny Five was dismembered.

Did I mention this is my last office PC?

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