Cops As Robbers- Alph Coleman

The local media is in a tizzy over the arrest of Officer Alph Coleman.

Allegedly, Officer Coleman helped coordinate a robbery at a Sam’s Club. Officer Coleman was working security at the Sam’s when it was robbed. There is some pretty compelling evidence against Officer Coleman. From DMN-

Police say the getaway driver was behind the wheel of Officer Coleman’s civilian car. They also obtained cell phone records showing that Officer Coleman called the driver several times just before the gunman entered the store.

So what does Officer Coleman do when the police want to question him? He shut up. Maybe Alph read Houston Defense Lawyer Mark Bennett’s Million Dollar legal advise. From DMN-

When investigators spoke to him Tuesday, he refused to answer questions about the June 27 robbery of the Sam’s Club in the 2900 block of West Wheatland Road.

Even the police know not to talk to the police.

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