Collin County Sheriff Deputy Takes Second Job With Drug Cartel

DMN reports that a Collin County Sheriff Deputy, Robert Benavidez, has been charged with abuse of official capacity. Allegedly, Mr. Benavidez has been working for a Mexican Drug Cartel, the Zetas. Let’s look at this story from a two angles.

Only 3 entities can supply drugs to the American drug consumer- the free market, the government, and organized crime. We have chosen organized crime. Prohibition gives Mexican drug cartels multi billion dollar monopoly. Drug cartels use these profits to, inter alia, corrupt law enforcement so they can sell more drugs.

If you think this is an isolated case, check out
They have a weekly list of corrupt cop stories.

Can I Search Your Car?

I wrote a post last week on automobile consent searches. A few commenters noted that they were happy to let the police search because they weren’t criminals. They would have had no problem with Officer Benavidez searching their car.

Most cops are not on the drug cartel payroll. However, the ones that are don’t tell you. The freedoms we have given up to fight DWI/drugs are the freedoms we need to protect against criminal governments actors.

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