Breaking News- Cops Lie!

An officer in NY is facing perjury charges. Here’s a breakdown of the situation-
Cop on Stand- I never questioned the defendant regarding a shooting.

Defense Lawyer- My client secretly recorded the conversation in his MP3 player. You took my client to the interrogation room where you tried to coerce him to confess. Here is a transcript.

Cop on Stand- Damn you meddling kids!

This case involved a shooting. However, this story shows why DWI trials are so dangerous. Most often you have one witness, a police officer. If an officer is willing to lie on the stand about things that can not be seen on video-HGN, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, odors etc, it is impossible to contradict them. Remember that when you get pulled over. Always assume you are being recorded during a roadside stop. Also assume if the camera can not see something, it will be used against you.

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