Back From Rusty Duncan

I finally made it home from the Rusty Duncan advanced criminal law seminar. My wife and I spent 3 days in SA and stayed in Austin last night before returning to Ennis. I got more use out of my facebook iphone app in the last 4 days than I have in the last 6 months. The FB app allows for wonderfully simple travelogues. I would add a photo as I passed the Alamo, or ate dinner, or stopped at the Czech stop. I’m not sure how broad the appeal is of a 2MP photo of my wife at Casa Rio, my FB friends are probably hitting “hide” as we speak.

Those of you under 18 may not know this, but in the olden days of yore we used to take photos on an analog camera (it contained “film”, not a Sans Disk), drop those off after the trip to be “processed”, and then share them with friends. I often say that I feel like we are now in the future, and the FB/Iphone combo is one reason.

On Lodging-
RD is always held in San Antonio at the Henry B Gonzales convention center (which has somehow managed to stay in business without an attached taxpayer funded hotel, but I digress). I’m going to change my accomodation plans if I go next year. TCDLA always coordinates lodging at a a local hotel and has the non CLE social events there.

Being a gambler/skinflint I have always pricelined a room on the riverwalk. I’ve got some great rooms, and good rates. Next year, I’ll probably book at the sponsored hotel and pay the premium. Two reasons-
First, RD is a combination seminar/class reunion/trade show/social gathering. The CLE is just a part of a broader experience. I could get CLE on line if I wanted to be a hermit. Being a solo attorney makes me appreciate these gatherings and I want to be closer to the herd next time.

Second, they pipe the CLE into your room at the official RD hotel. Having the seminar on my in room TV will greatly increase the chances I make the 8:30 presentations on time (see reason one).

Hopefully, a week off of writing has recharged my blogging battery. Back to work!

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