Our 2014 closed case stats

I get it, hiring a defense lawyer is a difficult decision. Clients are about to make a choice that may affect the rest of their life, and they want some degree of certainty before picking one of us. Many clients ask what our firm can guarantee if hired. I explain our process and how our team defends cases. You know, the process and hard work that leads to a great result (sometimes). But what clients really mean is they want a guaranteed outcome, which we don’t offer, and would it be unethical if we did. The next question is usually what are the odds of a certain result, and until now, I’ve never had those numbers handy.

But for 2014 our firm went through our closed cases (cases that were pled, dismissed, no billed, diverted, rejected etc; basically any case that ended in 2014) and came up with the following stats. These totals don’t include traffic tickets because those are more about revenue generation for local governments than actual criminal law.

Closed cases for 2014 (non traffic)= 84.

Total cases closed – 24
Pled to Obstruction of a Highway- 5
Dismissed- 4
Probated as Charged- 12
Reduced DWI Probation- 3
Aggravated Sexual Assault-
Total cases closed- 3
No Billed- 1
Deferred Probation as Charged- 1
Reduced to Indecency Deferred Probation- 1
Aggravated Assault
Total cases closed- 2
Dismissed 1
Class A Deferred Assault 1
Assault Family Violence
Total cases closed – 6
All 6 were dismissed, 5 were pre trial diversions. One was just dismissed.
1st Degree Drug Possession
Total cases closed- 3
Deferred Probation- 2
Dismissed- 2
Possession of Marijuana-
Total Cases Closed- 8
Pre Trial Diversion- 4
Dismissed- 3
Deferred Probation- 1
Motion to Revoke (MTR)
Total Cases Closed- 10
Time Served Sentence- 4
Minimum Sentence (TDC/State Jail)- 3
Back on Probation (MTR Dismissed- 3
I’m proud of our firm’s results. We had no client go to prison who was not already on probation for a felony (that is, only MTR clients went to prison). We also had no one get convicted of marijuana possession, which is awesome (no victim = no crime).
Personally, nothing is worse than going to court on pot cases and trying to act like this isn’t the biggest bullshit time-waste cluster of a law. Most prosecutors, except for a few true believer/”OMG I GOT A BADGE LETZ GET THE CRIMINULZ!” types know these pot cases are fucking ridiculous, which is one reason the weed plea offers seem to get better every year. That’s a plus, but let’s just pass a decrim bill already so I can quit repping young adults with a joint in the console.
I should issue a disclaimer that past results don’t mean anything for your case. Really, we won’t guarantee a result, and if a lawyer does, that’s a sign they are shady and you shouldn’t hire them.


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