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I have been reading Sitemeter again to see what brings you to my site. A recent reader googled “HOW TO GET A DWI CASE DIMISSED”.

Reader, first let me tell you that Google will search the internet very well even if you do not TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Now on to your question.

How To Get A DWI Dismissed-
Short answer- You can’t. An experienced DWI defense lawyer can.

DWI cases are among the hardest to get dismissed. DWIs are built upon a police officer’s opinion. Unlike lay witnesses a professional law enforcement witness will always show up, and always testify that you are guilty. Finally, weak DWI cases are usually not filed (unless you are in Collin County).

I have had two DWI dismissals recently. Every case is different, but here are some lessons.

Hire A Defense Lawyer Early
One was accomplished with a great ALR cross examination (I had a cop actually say my client was not intoxicated, just “under the influence”). Make sure you hire an attorney early so you can have an ALR hearing. In Texas you only have 15 days after arrest to request this hearing.

Bring A Lawyer To Court
A recent DWI dismissal was because critical evidence went missing. The case couldn’t be tried without it. However, if my client had gone to court alone and plead guilty this case would not have been dismissed. Lesson- Even if you subjectively believe you are “guilty” a defense lawyer can help evaluate the case.

Reader, get an attorney now. An experienced DWI defense lawyer is your best chance to protect your rights.