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You know what America needs, more people in jail on federal drug charges. Why limit the tyranny of cannabis prohibition to Americans? Let’s spread Nixon’s WOD all over the continent and import Canadians for incarceration! Hope and Change!

Our latest political prisoner in the war on weed is Marc Emery. Marc is a marijuana activist/cannabis seed distributor in Canada. Marc sells marijuana seeds and the Canadian government happily taxes the profits. Marc is the founder of the British Columbia Marijuana Party and a leader in the movement towards cannabis sanity in the Great White North. Marc was recently arrested in Canada, and is awating deportation to America to face a 5 year sentence on federal drug charges.

Marc is being prosecuted for sending cannabis seeds through the US mail. A google search will show you that there are a few dozen operations offering a similar service. Consensual crime enforcement is nothing if not arbitrary and capricious. When millions are breaking the law the government can pick and choose whom to prosecute. While Marc was arrested for conspiracy to distribute his real crime was being an advocate for cannabis reform. Nothing pisses of the DEA mutawas like political dissent.

Pain patients (and providers) are yet another sacrifice to the angry jealous god of Prohibition. Reason.TV hits a home run detailing the ongoing tragedy of those with chronic pain. In order to “sent the right message” to kids we sentence millions of Americans to a lifetime of under treated, or untreated pain.

I’ve seen a lot of drug cases and represented scores of drug defendants. The legal issues are generally the same- search and seizure, affirmative links, etc. What is always different is the defendant. Drug defendants can be broken down into three categories- addicts, users, and the innocent.

By far, addicts are the most difficult group to represent. Addicts can and do miss court dates (not to mention payments), pick up new cases, dress inappropriately (eg pajamas in court) and lack the mental stamina required for criminal litigation.

By definition addicts are short term thinkers. They see coming to court and worrying about their case as a problem with an easy solution- plead guilty and get probation.

I’m in a jury trial so this will be a short post. But holy shit, this is amazing. A very honest prosecutor had the courage to challenge the War on Drugs on the TDCAA message board. It’s a short thread at this point. But the point is made, even prosecutors know this is a failure. I’m assuming B Leonard can be so honest because he is not running for office anytime soon.

Prohibition is the Wizard of Oz. We need to all pay attention to this opinion from behind the curtain.

Here is BLeonard from Fort Worth

Not content with the recent domination of the US in soccer Mexico is also winning the race to embrace freedom, liberty, and drug war sanity. What caused Mexico to embrace a common sense approach to personal drug use instead of maintaining a US style “tuff-on-crime” approach?

Police corruption played a big part. In Mexico being a drug addict was a defense to possession of small quantities of drugs. Ergo, simple possession cases were rarely prosecuted after arrest. Meanwhile Mexican LEOs made great money shaking down users for cash.

We have a similar system in America. We waste billions prosecuting simple possession cases across our country. The State Jail system in Texas is a monument to this perpetual failure.

From the Drug Policy Foundation-

A recent World Health Organization study on cocaine came back with these findings, inter alia,

By far the most popular use of coca products worldwide is the snorting of cocaine hydrochloride. Most participating countries and sites did not report significant cocaine-related problems among this group of users.

Polka Fest 09-

This weekend is the annual Ennis Polka Festival. I’ll be at the KJT (Katolická Jednota Texaská) Saturday night (around 8ish) to see the Czechaholics and Brave Combo.

Come to Ennis and experience this one of a kind polkapalooza. Most of the polka dances can be accomplished with a slight variation of the country two step (quick, quick, slow, or something like that). No problem for most people to pick up. However, I largely rely on my wife to count the steps out loud while we are dancing. If NHTSA ever adopts the two step as a field sobriety test I”ll quit driving because I would fail every time.

Kaufman is the county east of Dallas. Kaufman county is served by three major east-west highways; I-20, 175, and I-80. These highways see a steady flow of Dallas commuters, locals driving to Dallas and back for entertainment, Shreveport gamblers, and drug couriers. Basically, money comes from the east to Dallas, drugs flow out of Dallas towards Atlanta.

Kaufman law enforcement officers (LEO) dutifully carry on the futile sysiphean quest of highway drug interdiction. KC LEOs regularly intercept drug couriers and most of the cases shape up the same way. Let’s look at the similarities.

Dirty license plates and out of state plates

Fresh angles are hard to come by in the blogging era. Just when I thought there weren’t any new ways to comment on the legalization debate, this video came out.

Everything does sounds better auto tuned. Wait for the second segment in this video, after gay marriage, before Angry Gorilla.

Brilliant. H/T to The Agitator.

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