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Dallas County Jail Inmate Lookup

Need to see if a friend or loved one is in the Dallas County Jail?

Here is the Dallas County Jail Lookup It’s like Facebook for inmates. You can search by name, bookin numer, or criminal case number.

Dallas has one of the worst jails in the country. It constantly fails inspection. If you do search and find a friend or family member in the Dallas jail, bail them out before they get a staph infection.

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2 Responses to “Dallas County Jail Inmate Lookup”

  1. anonomous says:

    Do not use John Fritz: he irnores you, never returns calls, is not a WORKING attorney, just a figurehead for his family and friends to look good with that Attorney tacked on to his name.

  2. I go to visit my boyfriend every sat and monday. One visit i stood on my feet the entire time simply because the guards failed to provide a chair or move me to a different booth. I was about 5months pregnant then, i don’t expect special treatment because im pregnant but i am a law abiding citizen that pay all my tickets and taxes and i expect to be treated with respect instead of like a convict. Just because we come down there for our loved ones who are in locked up, it doesn’t mean we have to be treated like we are in jail as well. Just train your guards to be polite. Its a time to be forceful and a time to be curteous.